Grid Meeting May 7Th 2017

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Grid Meeting May 7Th 2017

Postby Constanza Amsterdam » Sun May 07, 2017 11:03 pm

[15:23] Constanza Amsterdam: Welcome everyone to the Grid Meeting.
[15:23] Constanza Amsterdam: Please keep your questions till the end of the meeting (write them down on a notecard so you remember them) as most questions will prob get answered during the meeting.
[15:23] Constanza Amsterdam: At the end of the meeting we will hold a Q&A
[15:23] Darieth White: And please avoid scripting during the meeting.
[15:23] Silania Pastorelli: lol
[15:23] Kiko Kenichi: rofl
[15:24] Constanza Amsterdam looks at Dar... counts also for you then! :P
[15:24] Constanza Amsterdam: Firstly we would like to inform you that from now on we have a max linked sets.
[15:24] Kiko Kenichi writes a triple menu physics wanderer with multiple sensors
[15:24] Constanza Amsterdam: This means you wont be able to link more then 256 prims together as higher causes issues on regions. So if you have linked sets higher then 256, please unlink them.
[15:24] Constanza Amsterdam: We also see a lot of new Taggers bring in scripts from Secondlife and InWorldz.
[15:25] Silania Pastorelli: better check the castle then
[15:25] Constanza Amsterdam: These grids run a different script engin to ours, so these scripts can cause issues and errors.
[15:25] Constanza Amsterdam: To make sure your scripts dont cause issues on your region, look in Top Scripts under region info and make sure your running scripts dont use more then 3.0ms each. The lower the ms, the better it is and this will make your region much happier.
[15:26] Constanza Amsterdam: To reduce more lag issues, i would suggest to have a look at this website: ... region.htm
[15:26] Constanza Amsterdam: Also keep in mind that even though scripts in 1 world are full perms, doesnt mean you can just take them to TAG due to copyright.
[15:27] Constanza Amsterdam: This counts for everything you bring in so please make sure you have permission from the creator her or himself to bring in full perms stuff.
[15:27] Constanza Amsterdam: If you dont have permission and we get a DMCA it will mean we will take the item down as per the DMCA. More about this you can find in the information signs on TAG Welcome Center and on
[15:28] Constanza Amsterdam takes a breath......
[15:28] Constanza Amsterdam: Next on the agenda:
[15:28] Constanza Amsterdam: Kiko has build a teleport section on TAG Welcome to our TAG RP Regions.
[15:29] Constanza Amsterdam: Evermore is a fantasy type region where you can find quests, Wasteland is a Combat Area and Epic Citadel is a Medieval RP region.
[15:29] Kiko Kenichi blows a kazoo
[15:29] Constanza Amsterdam: We are working hard to get the set up done on these regions with the KONK RP/Combat/Gaming system.
[15:29] cartius wagon: and Cartius is a Gor region
[15:29] Constanza Amsterdam: Valerious joined us and has setup his region here with the system up for sale, so if you would like it for your region, you can!
[15:29] Constanza Amsterdam: More information about this system can be found on
[15:30] Constanza Amsterdam: if you have a RP region, then let Kiko know and she will add your RP region to the Evermore RP gateway. make sure the region is ready for use tho
[15:31] Kiko Kenichi: We have an entire nexus ready to go. People can teleport to your RP regions directly from the hub there. :)
[15:31] Constanza Amsterdam: Right, these were some household announcement now over to the big reason we have a grid meeting.
[15:31] Constanza Amsterdam: Darieth will now take over and explain to you what is happening and going to happen.
[15:31] Constanza Amsterdam: Dar..... go ahead ㋡
[15:32] Darieth White: In the next few days, we will be starting the switch to a base of Opensim 0.9.1. It will first be deployed on the beta grid, then select regions on the main grid.
[15:32] Kiko Kenichi: w00t
[15:33] Oscar Wilde: Yay!
[15:33] Darieth White: We will start with system regions, if that goes well, we will have an opt in for testing. The region owner will have to request to participate in the test.
[15:33] Darieth White: This can be done via a feature request ticket.
[15:34] Darieth White: One of the first things that will happen, is an upgrade to the site. Most of the changes can already be seen on the beta grid. Most of the changes are on the backend, so you wont see much. Be several empty pages now work.
[15:35] Constanza Amsterdam: including the forums
[15:35] Darieth White: Everyone is welcome to come over to the beta grid. its login URL is You have to sign up separately. At this time we do not have a connection to the main grid.
[15:36] Darieth White: However i do plan to have a connection established eventually.
[15:36] Silania Pastorelli: doesn't load
[15:36] Leano Matri: no page to load
[15:36] Darieth White: Hmm.
[15:36] Constanza Amsterdam: website is without the :8002
[15:36] Kiko Kenichi: yes
[15:36] Kiko Kenichi: was about to say lol
[15:36] Constanza Amsterdam:
[15:37] Darieth White: Sorry. Forgot to include the standard url.
[15:37] Silania Pastorelli: thanks :)
[15:38] Darieth White: Information on whats going on and what I am up to, can be found on the tech blog of the main site. The news feed and tech blog on the beta tend to just be me testing.
[15:38] Darieth White: The beta grid will be brought online later today/tomorrow morning.
[15:39] Darieth White: And just a warning. Its not exactly fast. Expect some lag.
[15:39] Darieth White: Thats all i have for now.
[15:40] Constanza Amsterdam: ok, just so people understand: The biggest difference with the new servercode will be the physics
[15:40] Kiko Kenichi: that was gonna be my question lol
[15:40] Darieth White: I knew i forgot something.
[15:40] Constanza Amsterdam: the handling of mesh a the next big thingie
[15:41] Constanza Amsterdam: anything else you like to add Dar?
[15:41] Silania Pastorelli listens carefully
[15:41] Oscar Wilde: Physics will mean lag at sim crossings less?
[15:41] Darieth White: If anyone finds an lsl function no longer working please let me know.
[15:42] Constanza Amsterdam: yes and boats will work and walking normal up stairs and sitting on prims
[15:42] Silania Pastorelli: nice to hear
[15:42] Oscar Wilde: Yay!
[15:42] Silania Pastorelli: :D
[15:42] Constanza Amsterdam: Ok if Dar doesnt have anything....?
[15:43] Darieth White: Nothing else i can think of.
[15:43] Constanza Amsterdam: Ok time for Q&A. Please sent your question to me in IM, so we dont miss any questions and we will go over them 1 by 1.
[15:44] Constanza Amsterdam: Question: [15:43] KataToki Torok: just to understand to go to the beta grid we have to make a act for it
[15:44] Constanza Amsterdam: Yes you do kata, the beta is totally seperate to the maingrid
[15:44] KataToki Torok: thank you
[15:45] Darieth White: We do plan to put in a connection to go from the main grid to th beta. But that is currently not working.
[15:45] Constanza Amsterdam: Question: [15:44] Silania Pastorelli: any idea on how this will affect texturing, because it is a real pain at times as things are
[15:45] Constanza Amsterdam: No the new servercode wont have any effect on texturing
[15:46] Silania Pastorelli: oh well carry on regardless lol
[15:46] Constanza Amsterdam: Question for Dar: [15:45] Kiko Kenichi: does this change affect the scripting engine at all?
[15:47] Darieth White: There are a few changes to the script engine. I have not been able to find a complete list. I know the LSL function list on list a few new functions.
[15:48] Darieth White: But so far it has not broken any of my scripts i have test. I encourage scripts to come over and test. Or wait for the system regions to be switched over.
[15:48] Kiko Kenichi: so just added functionality
[15:48] Darieth White: Yes
[15:48] Kiko Kenichi *does happy dance*
[15:48] Constanza Amsterdam: anyone else have a question? sent it to me in IM please
[15:49] Darieth White: I will post on the tech blog on saturdays which region will be going to 0.9.1.
[15:49] Silania Pastorelli: I had better let Shal know so he can make some allowances :(
[15:50] Kiko Kenichi: ♫ la la la ♫
[15:50] Constanza Amsterdam: A little Announcement: [15:49] Antoinnette Keng: Not a question...just wanted to say we are saddened to announce that we are closing down Keng City. Access has currently been limited to rentors to give them a chance to take up their property.
[15:51] LEE NICHOLS: ouch sorry to hear keng
[15:51] Noma Burundi: :(
[15:51] Oscar Wilde: :(
[15:51] KataToki Torok: you we be missed
[15:51] Antoinnette Keng: sorry to have to say it but my boss has spoken
[15:51] Kiko Kenichi: yeah I'mma miss you bad
[15:51] Antoinnette Keng: thank you
[15:52] Constanza Amsterdam: Sad to see you guys go Nettie, but i am sure you will be back with Keng City! ㋡
[15:52] Silania Pastorelli: I am sorry and sad to hear that Antoinette :(
[15:52] Antoinnette Keng: yes I am hoping we do return...yalll aint getting rid of me that easy
[15:52] Antoinnette Keng: ~~~Laughs Insanely!~~~
[15:52] Kiko Kenichi: heehee!
[15:52] Oscar Wilde: hehehe
[15:52] Silania Pastorelli: good, hurry back do
[15:53] Kiko Kenichi: :)
[15:53] Antoinnette Keng: got to come for Kiko's big day anyway
[15:53] Antoinnette Keng: wouldnt miss that for the world
[15:53] Kiko Kenichi: giggles
[15:53] Constanza Amsterdam: and my daily 2 questions!
[15:53] Silania Pastorelli: good :D
[15:53] Antoinnette Keng: ~~~Laughs Insanely!~~~
[15:53] Antoinnette Keng: yes I always have questions
[15:54] Constanza Amsterdam: ok back to the meeting
[15:54] Constanza Amsterdam: anyone else have questions?
[15:54] Constanza Amsterdam: i know the Torok Family has been trying out the konk fishing system last night
[15:55] Noma Burundi: whats the difference between a question and a joke without a punchline?
[15:55] Constanza Amsterdam: Hope you enjoyed it!
[15:55] Noma Burundi: .....
[15:55] Kiko Kenichi: hmmm
[15:55] Noma Burundi: :}
[15:55] Noma Burundi: not so smrt are u now?! HA!
[15:55] Silania Pastorelli: I was probably in bed before you caught anything lol
[15:55] Oscar Wilde: who's on first
[15:55] Silania Pastorelli: I was catching my zeds
[15:55] Silania Pastorelli: lol
[15:55] Constanza Amsterdam: lol Sil
[15:55] Noma Burundi: *gets up, falls down bleachers*
[15:56] Noma Burundi: *gets up. bloody nose*...see kiko? i told u id find a way to let them let me sit by u.
[15:56] Constanza Amsterdam: ok no more questions?
[15:56] Kiko Kenichi: lol
[15:56] Silania Pastorelli: lately I tend to just fall asleep at the drop of a hat, almost like passing out you might of seen me still there rod in hand 8 hours later lol
[15:56] Oscar Wilde: laterz Folks
[15:57] Silania Pastorelli: tc Oscar
[15:57] LEE NICHOLS: tc oscar
[15:57] Constanza Amsterdam: ok well Thanks all for coming and looking forward to the new servercode and Physics and all the RP regions that will pop up! ㋡
[15:57] Noma Burundi: thank you for having me join!
[15:57] Mathgammin Torok: have a good night
[15:58] Moonlight Romance Dining Chair (PMAC): Initialization complete and ready to use
[15:58] Silania Pastorelli: I am glad I came, it was good news
[15:58] Darieth White: Oh and just so you guys know. When i am online, my responses will be slow. Especially on the beta grid
[15:58] Silania Pastorelli: except for Antoinette leaving us :(
[15:58] Noma Burundi: will you still be a wanderererer here antoinette?
[15:58] LEE NICHOLS: just so everyones knows i made a notecard of todays meeting if anyone wants i can pass it

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