Website UPDATE 11-2-2016

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Website UPDATE 11-2-2016

Postby Constanza Amsterdam » Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:16 pm

We have made some changes to the website over the past 2 months. Here is a changelog:

* Changed the website colours
* Made some changes to the admin part
* Added images to the frontpage
* Linked the marketplace and forum to main website
* Changed TOS and added privacy policy
* Added the 15.000 prims for 15USD regions to the land purchase page
* Changed the currency history page, so you dont have a long list but pages and you can go back to when you first joined The Adult Grid
* Added ability to exchange TAG Bucks to USD
* Changed cashout workflow
* Partnering has been added to the admin side and will soon be added to overal website
* Ability to see when you paid your tiers under > My Account > Order History
* Fixed change email and password

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