Weekly Resident meeting Jan 24th 2016

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Weekly Resident meeting Jan 24th 2016

Postby Constanza Amsterdam » Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:05 pm

[2016/01/24 13:07] Constanza Amsterdam: ok lets start as i got a lot to tell :)
[2016/01/24 13:07] Oscar Wilde: the dog didnt like it much
[2016/01/24 13:08] Constanza Amsterdam: Welcome everyone to the weekly meeting!
[2016/01/24 13:08] Fred Starsider: thank you :-)
[2016/01/24 13:08] Constanza Amsterdam: We have done a lot this past week so lets start at the beginning.
[2016/01/24 13:08] Constanza Amsterdam: TAG Shopping center is done. Kiko did an amazin job so now we can fill it up.
[2016/01/24 13:08] Constanza Amsterdam: TAG Shopping Center is a showcase sim, so we can show what TAG has to offer.
[2016/01/24 13:08] Constanza Amsterdam: This means that everyone with a region bought via the website, gets 1 free shop on TAG Shopping Center.
[2016/01/24 13:09] Constanza Amsterdam: it doesnt matter if you sell anything, the shop just has to reflect your region. So if you only have a club for example, put some pictures in the shop with an event calender and landmark.
[2016/01/24 13:10] Constanza Amsterdam: Next on the agenda, sim prices.
[2016/01/24 13:10] Constanza Amsterdam: The starting price for regions is 15USD, for every extra 5.000 prims, you pay 5USD upto 50USD (50.000 prims).
[2016/01/24 13:10] Constanza Amsterdam: you can also have different size regions, but those wont reflect the price. So size really doesnt matter!
[2016/01/24 13:10] Constanza Amsterdam: So spread the word!
[2016/01/24 13:10] Constanza Amsterdam: heya YouCa
[2016/01/24 13:10] YouCa nDolT: hi all
[2016/01/24 13:11] Terri Sibley: Const Can we use Pay Pal to add money?
[2016/01/24 13:11] Constanza Amsterdam: As many of you prob. have seen already, we have changed the colours of the website.
[2016/01/24 13:11] Constanza Amsterdam: This was done on many requests as some found the old website hard to read due to the bleeding of white on black and we got a bit carried away :)
[2016/01/24 13:11] Constanza Amsterdam: So we hope you all like it. there is 1 thing missing however and that is a cool group photo, which we will be making after this meeting, so please all stick around!
[2016/01/24 13:12] Darieth White: Terri you can purchase currency here. https://theadultgrid.com/members/currencyPurchase.php
[2016/01/24 13:12] Constanza Amsterdam: and no Mike, you dont need to wear pants
[2016/01/24 13:12] althea Flechette: lol
[2016/01/24 13:12] Fred Starsider: hahaha
[2016/01/24 13:12] emily slinkycub chuckles
[2016/01/24 13:12] Mike Flechette: lmao and you answered the size question
[2016/01/24 13:12] Constanza Amsterdam: Then it came to us that there is a rumor we (Dar, Lord and i) are cashing out our own money.
[2016/01/24 13:13] Constanza Amsterdam: So let me put that rumor to bed right now: we don't and we can't.
[2016/01/24 13:13] Constanza Amsterdam: Also cashouts are still being done on friday and monday's, so nothing has changed there.
[2016/01/24 13:13] Constanza Amsterdam: However.....
[2016/01/24 13:13] Constanza Amsterdam smiles
[2016/01/24 13:14] Constanza Amsterdam: something in cashouts is changing as of today
[2016/01/24 13:14] Constanza Amsterdam: or well as we speak....
[2016/01/24 13:14] Constanza Amsterdam: cause it will be possible to pay for your regions with TAG Bucks.
[2016/01/24 13:15] Constanza Amsterdam: How? let me explain.
[2016/01/24 13:15] Terri Sibley: dose that also go for the pay out on the games and tip's?
[2016/01/24 13:15] KataToki Torok: is online.
[2016/01/24 13:15] Constanza Amsterdam: let me finish Terri, and you will find out :)
[2016/01/24 13:15] Constanza Amsterdam: After you logged in to the website, you see under your name 2 balances. a X's balance and a $ (USD) Balance.
[2016/01/24 13:16] Constanza Amsterdam: In order to cashout (or in future pay for your region), you need to exchange your TAG Buck balance to USD first. you do this on Currency > Sale
[2016/01/24 13:16] Darieth White: Some of you may have noticed the USD balance apparead a few days ago.
[2016/01/24 13:16] Constanza Amsterdam: After you did the exchange, you go to Currency > Cashout
[2016/01/24 13:16] Constanza Amsterdam: where you will be able to cashout via paypal. Other cashout options will be added in the future like for example Skrill.
[2016/01/24 13:17] Constanza Amsterdam: This is all live now
[2016/01/24 13:17] Constanza Amsterdam: How the paying for your region will work, will be explained as soon as its available.
[2016/01/24 13:18] Constanza Amsterdam: but basically it will be something like that you can choose between using USD balance or paypal to pay for your tiers
[2016/01/24 13:18] Constanza Amsterdam: this is a big change, so if you have questions.... please ask them. Me and Dar will answer them
[2016/01/24 13:19] Oscar Wilde: question
[2016/01/24 13:19] Constanza Amsterdam: shoot Ocar
[2016/01/24 13:19] Oscar Wilde: about tiers
[2016/01/24 13:19] Kirei Nahana: DON'T SHOOT OSCAR
[2016/01/24 13:19] Constanza Amsterdam: lol
[2016/01/24 13:19] Kirei Nahana: sorry couldn't resist
[2016/01/24 13:19] Constanza Amsterdam: yes Oscar
[2016/01/24 13:19] Oscar Wilde: I have a full region with 45,000 prims
[2016/01/24 13:20] Constanza Amsterdam: uhuh
[2016/01/24 13:20] Oscar Wilde: its not being utilised because i have few tenants yet
[2016/01/24 13:20] Oscar Wilde: can we do a sliding prim charge?
[2016/01/24 13:21] Constanza Amsterdam: yeps, you can put a ticket in oscar to downsize prims
[2016/01/24 13:21] Oscar Wilde: it would lower my tier until i get full
[2016/01/24 13:21] Constanza Amsterdam: yeps it will
[2016/01/24 13:21] Oscar Wilde: great
[2016/01/24 13:21] Constanza Amsterdam: unless you have a grandfathered sim Oscar, then you will get the current plan
[2016/01/24 13:22] Clydar Sittingbull: I guess one question to ask is this: are any tiers going to be grandfathered from the old sims?
[2016/01/24 13:22] Constanza Amsterdam: so please check what you pay now and if that is indeed cheaper for you
[2016/01/24 13:22] Oscar Wilde: grandfTHERED?
[2016/01/24 13:22] Oscar Wilde: oops, sorry
[2016/01/24 13:22] Clydar Sittingbull: bought before the changes happened, Oscar :)
[2016/01/24 13:22] Constanza Amsterdam: we havent changed sim prices Cly, we have only put the 15USD sims back as standard
[2016/01/24 13:23] Clydar Sittingbull: ahhh...cool
[2016/01/24 13:23] Terri Sibley: Can I ask Some Thing
[2016/01/24 13:23] Oscar Wilde: my tier was adjusted down to reflect prims
[2016/01/24 13:23] Constanza Amsterdam: ok cool oscar, then just put a tickt in to downgrade prims
[2016/01/24 13:23] Constanza Amsterdam: yes terri
[2016/01/24 13:23] Oscar Wilde: kk,
[2016/01/24 13:23] Oscar Wilde: ╬¯`·._.· ╬ Ⓣh∀nk ⋋ou ╬·._.·´¯ ╬
[2016/01/24 13:24] Terri Sibley: It there a Way To Like Get the New ones that just joined a way to give them very short term home or free rent for a day to get them wanting to pay in to the homes
[2016/01/24 13:25] Constanza Amsterdam: Thats up to landlords terri
[2016/01/24 13:25] Terri Sibley: give them a teaste of it
[2016/01/24 13:25] Oscar Wilde: I can do that, sure
[2016/01/24 13:25] Constanza Amsterdam: TAG only provide regions via the website, we are not going to compete with the landlords ;-)
[2016/01/24 13:26] Terri Sibley: I think it will give them a feeling of home and make them want to keep it
[2016/01/24 13:26] Constanza Amsterdam: i guess Oscar is then the one to talk to terri :)
[2016/01/24 13:26] Oscar Wilde: anybody under six months, half price
[2016/01/24 13:26] Oscar Wilde: np
[2016/01/24 13:26] Constanza Amsterdam: awesomesauce oscar!
[2016/01/24 13:27] Oscar Wilde grins
[2016/01/24 13:27] Constanza Amsterdam: any questions on the cashout and exchange from TAG bucks to USD?
[2016/01/24 13:27] Darieth White: Just a note folks. If the cash out system gives you an error. Make sure to copy and paste the full error into a ticket so we can get it fixed right away.
[2016/01/24 13:27] Terri Sibley: The U.S Money Is very Ok but Other Place's in the world may be harder
[2016/01/24 13:27] KataToki Torok: yes
[2016/01/24 13:27] KataToki Torok: I not undesrstand that at all
[2016/01/24 13:28] Terri Sibley: U,S dollar Strong
[2016/01/24 13:28] Constanza Amsterdam: you wont be able to pay for inworld stuff with your USD balance. your USD balance is for tier, cashout and in the future other things to pay with
[2016/01/24 13:28] Terri Sibley: Paso not so Strong
[2016/01/24 13:29] Constanza Amsterdam: kata, it works the same as the cashouts in SL basically
[2016/01/24 13:29] Constanza Amsterdam: so to cashout...... exchange tag bucks to USD first
[2016/01/24 13:29] KataToki Torok: so us for tir yet x still for buying cloths or tiping a d
[2016/01/24 13:29] Constanza Amsterdam: to pay for your sim... exchange TAG bucks to USD first
[2016/01/24 13:29] Constanza Amsterdam: and so on
[2016/01/24 13:30] Constanza Amsterdam: yep... inworld you still need X's kata
[2016/01/24 13:30] Constanza Amsterdam: that doesnt chang
[2016/01/24 13:30] KataToki Torok: ok ty
[2016/01/24 13:30] Constanza Amsterdam: e
[2016/01/24 13:30] KataToki Torok: I think I understand now
[2016/01/24 13:30] Terri Sibley: So Do I understand
[2016/01/24 13:30] Constanza Amsterdam: Dar, lord and me are always available if you dont understand or need help with it
[2016/01/24 13:31] Constanza Amsterdam: let me give an example for Terri :)
[2016/01/24 13:31] Terri Sibley: Ok
[2016/01/24 13:31] Constanza Amsterdam: Terri is an escort and dancer and she made money from tips and working in here
[2016/01/24 13:31] Constanza Amsterdam: now terri wants to use that money for her RL shopping
[2016/01/24 13:32] Constanza Amsterdam: so terri goes to the website
[2016/01/24 13:32] Constanza Amsterdam: loggs in
[2016/01/24 13:32] Constanza Amsterdam: and goes to Currency > Sale
[2016/01/24 13:32] Constanza Amsterdam: there she echanges her hard earned X's into RL USD
[2016/01/24 13:33] Constanza Amsterdam: then she goes to Currency > Cashout
[2016/01/24 13:33] Constanza Amsterdam: and asks for her USD balance to be sent to her paypal account
[2016/01/24 13:33] Constanza Amsterdam: and thats it :)
[2016/01/24 13:33] KataToki Torok: way cool
[2016/01/24 13:34] Terri Sibley: I have to also Cash Out When I reach max Prims Dollars to right so more can be added later
[2016/01/24 13:34] Constanza Amsterdam: we dont have a ma X's Terri
[2016/01/24 13:34] Constanza Amsterdam: max*
[2016/01/24 13:35] Darieth White: Well there kinda is. But its a really huge number.
[2016/01/24 13:35] Constanza Amsterdam: lol Dar
[2016/01/24 13:35] althea Flechette: 1,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.00
[2016/01/24 13:35] Terri Sibley: Oh i was thinking it was X$ 50.000
[2016/01/24 13:35] Terri Sibley: ok my bag then
[2016/01/24 13:35] Constanza Amsterdam: :)
[2016/01/24 13:36] Darieth White: actually unless you hit 10 digits. Dont worry about it.
[2016/01/24 13:36] Constanza Amsterdam: ok... i got more
[2016/01/24 13:36] Darieth White: its 9^9
[2016/01/24 13:36] Kiko Kenichi: if you make enough X$ to break the currency cap, you better invite us all to a party lol
[2016/01/24 13:36] Oscar Wilde: hehehehe
[2016/01/24 13:36] Clydar Sittingbull: rofl
[2016/01/24 13:36] Constanza Amsterdam: LOL Kiko
[2016/01/24 13:36] althea Flechette: lol
[2016/01/24 13:36] Constanza Amsterdam: Then i want to remind everyone that TAG has a marketplace.
[2016/01/24 13:36] Kiko Kenichi: 9^9 omfg lol
[2016/01/24 13:36] Kirei Nahana: gotta run guys
[2016/01/24 13:36] Darieth White: Sorry 9^10
[2016/01/24 13:36] Kirei Nahana: is offline.
[2016/01/24 13:36] Constanza Amsterdam: It needs a separate registration.
[2016/01/24 13:37] Kiko Kenichi: oh small error lol
[2016/01/24 13:37] Constanza Amsterdam: But when you registered on it, you also have access to the forums. The URL for the market website is: http://slaptme.com
[2016/01/24 13:37] Darieth White: Yet so significant.
[2016/01/24 13:37] Constanza Amsterdam: If you want to list your stuff on it, register and sent a message to me, so i can give you the required pack for you to be able to list your products on it.
[2016/01/24 13:37] Constanza Amsterdam: Terminals are being set out, so if you want 1 at your location, but a request in via the button "Terminal Reguest"
[2016/01/24 13:37] Kiko Kenichi: that's like.. a trillion trillion trillion lol
[2016/01/24 13:38] Constanza Amsterdam: Now we have our own marketplace website, the link with the Kitely marketplace will be removed.
[2016/01/24 13:38] emily slinkycub: :)
[2016/01/24 13:38] Constanza Amsterdam waits for the shock
[2016/01/24 13:38] Mike Flechette: Link @ Tag website takes you to Slapme
[2016/01/24 13:38] Constanza Amsterdam: correct Mike
[2016/01/24 13:38] Constanza Amsterdam: and the tos, dmca and privacy on slaptme are linked back to the tag website
[2016/01/24 13:39] Darieth White: The 2 sites will be more and more interconnected over time.
[2016/01/24 13:39] Terri Sibley: and this all work's with firestorm?
[2016/01/24 13:39] Constanza Amsterdam: the market website isnt inworld terri its external and linked with TAG
[2016/01/24 13:40] Oscar Wilde: marketplace is a website
[2016/01/24 13:40] Constanza Amsterdam: so when you buy something on slaptme, you get it in tag delivered
[2016/01/24 13:40] Terri Sibley: ok was asking :)
[2016/01/24 13:40] Oscar Wilde: there is a wiewer in firestorm
[2016/01/24 13:40] Constanza Amsterdam: The last subject of todays meeting:
[2016/01/24 13:41] Constanza Amsterdam: We have a Valentines day Build Contest running until feb 10, 2016.
[2016/01/24 13:41] Constanza Amsterdam: Its build with prims only, so NO mesh or sculpties
[2016/01/24 13:41] YouCa nDolT: can put in fs inventory floater mp button to open slaptme. last i remake just linked grid
[2016/01/24 13:41] Constanza Amsterdam: which is a challenge for some ;-)
[2016/01/24 13:41] emily slinkycub: :P
[2016/01/24 13:41] Constanza Amsterdam: and the prizes are: 1st place receives $10,000 x's
2nd place receives $5,000 x's
3rd place receives $2.500 x's
[2016/01/24 13:41] Clydar Sittingbull: pffflllt, Consie! lol
[2016/01/24 13:41] Constanza Amsterdam: If you are interested please contact Levamp Soothsayer
[2016/01/24 13:42] Clydar Sittingbull: challenge isn't quite the word for it....lol
[2016/01/24 13:42] Constanza Amsterdam: lol
[2016/01/24 13:42] Constanza Amsterdam: This is all i have to inform you about.
[2016/01/24 13:43] Constanza Amsterdam: Does anyone have any questions, idea's or remarks? (not all at onces please)
[2016/01/24 13:43] Clydar Sittingbull: but the prim amount at 500 for the build area gives you some room to work with
[2016/01/24 13:44] Constanza Amsterdam: there are no stupd questions, only unasked
[2016/01/24 13:44] Clydar Sittingbull: actually, I don't have even a stupid question today.....:)
[2016/01/24 13:45] Constanza Amsterdam: lol wow
[2016/01/24 13:45] emily slinkycub: none here
[2016/01/24 13:45] Clydar Sittingbull: and you know I'd be asking those...:)
[2016/01/24 13:45] Terri Sibley: Oh Give me time you always know I have some to ask
[2016/01/24 13:45] Constanza Amsterdam says: 5th
[2016/01/24 13:45] Mike Flechette: DConsie Does the Valentine build have to have pants lol
[2016/01/24 13:45] Terri Sibley: but not now
[2016/01/24 13:45] Fred Starsider: lol
[2016/01/24 13:45] Constanza Amsterdam: nope Mike
[2016/01/24 13:45] althea Flechette: oh for pete sake mike
[2016/01/24 13:46] Constanza Amsterdam: infact Mike, you dont have to wear pants anywhere on this grid
[2016/01/24 13:46] Constanza Amsterdam: unless they got signs telling you to put pants on
[2016/01/24 13:46] Darieth White: Im gonna put a pants required sign up at my sim, just for mike
[2016/01/24 13:46] althea Flechette rolls eyes
[2016/01/24 13:46] Mike Flechette: Thea makes me lol
[2016/01/24 13:46] Fred Starsider: hence it is known as "the adult grid"
[2016/01/24 13:46] emily slinkycub chuckles
[2016/01/24 13:46] althea Flechette: lol
[2016/01/24 13:46] Constanza Amsterdam: correct Fred!
[2016/01/24 13:46] Fred Starsider chuckles at althea and Mike
[2016/01/24 13:47] Constanza Amsterdam: speciall Mike signs: Mike put your pants on.... now those will sell
[2016/01/24 13:47] althea Flechette: I just love this man,, lmao
[2016/01/24 13:47] Oscar Wilde: except adult implies grown up
[2016/01/24 13:47] Darieth White: Right under the clothing optional sign.
[2016/01/24 13:47] Clydar Sittingbull: you know, that's a discussion area....
[2016/01/24 13:47] Mike Flechette: Lmao Consie
[2016/01/24 13:47] Fred Starsider: grown up?
[2016/01/24 13:47] Fred Starsider: really?
[2016/01/24 13:47] Fred Starsider: i must be in the wrong place!
[2016/01/24 13:47] Oscar Wilde: mature rather
[2016/01/24 13:47] Oscar Wilde: giggles
[2016/01/24 13:47] Fred Starsider: oh, that's different
[2016/01/24 13:47] KataToki Torok: ok got ????????
[2016/01/24 13:47] Fred Starsider: i'm so mature, some of my friends think i'm old
[2016/01/24 13:47] Clydar Sittingbull: well, no, not actually grown up but rather a fetish area we might need to look at soon
[2016/01/24 13:47] Constanza Amsterdam: ok if there are no other questions, i gladly hand the word to Kiko for the group photo

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