Grid Meeting September 19th 2016

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Grid Meeting September 19th 2016

Postby Constanza Amsterdam » Sun Sep 18, 2016 10:48 pm

[14:33] Constanza Amsterdam: ~*♦Welcome Back!♦*~ Kiko
[14:33] Koren Darkfire: cant hear on my headset...
[14:33] Constanza Amsterdam: i type everything Koren
[14:33] Dallas Scott: <~~ Not using voice cause freaky for man voice coming outta this body
[14:33] Constanza Amsterdam: lol Dallas
[14:34] Lunar Deities: rofl
[14:34] Constanza Amsterdam: ok welcome all to the meeting
[14:34] Vianess Shadow: lol
[14:34] Dallas Scott: I am
[14:34] Dallas Scott: you missed my intro?
[14:34] Constanza Amsterdam: ill start of with some things .... please hold your questions until i am done talking and as if anyone has questions ㋡
[14:34] Dallas Scott: I am in the midst of making a buncha chick stuff
[14:35] Constanza Amsterdam: otherwise i get confused and might miss your question or i already answer it while i yapper
[14:35] Constanza Amsterdam: So... the past few weeks we have made a few changes to TAG
[14:36] Constanza Amsterdam: we have uppered the amount of urls on a region from 100 to 14.000
[14:36] Constanza Amsterdam: urls on a region are needed for for example networked vendors, terminals, slaptboxes etc etc
[14:36] Constanza Amsterdam: 14.000 is the same amount as SL uses, so i think with that amount we are good
[14:37] Constanza Amsterdam: does anyone have questions about that?
[14:37] Constanza Amsterdam: ~*♦Welcome Back!♦*~ Kiko
[14:38] Vianess Shadow: wb
[14:38] Lunar Deities: ~*♦Welcome Back!♦*~ kiko
[14:38] Kiko Kenichi: thankies
[14:38] Constanza Amsterdam: no questions regarding urls on the sim?
[14:38] Constanza Amsterdam: pfew... good
[14:38] amoriah angelique: <----not at this time.
[14:38] Constanza Amsterdam: next on the list is: Darieth added the image URL to the grid
[14:39] Constanza Amsterdam: we have a watermark on it, so no worries about that
[14:39] Constanza Amsterdam: it works the same as in SL
[14:39] Constanza Amsterdam: for example: ... -9999-00/2
[14:40] Constanza Amsterdam: this url can be used to show your sales images on websites for example without having to download them
[14:40] Kiko Kenichi: well now at least only Nubian's suit is white lol
[14:40] Constanza Amsterdam: but also it was needed for the directory and for slaptme
[14:41] Constanza Amsterdam: then we have also added the profile image url to the script database. example script will be avialable at the script section on TAG Help Center (where we have a free script section)
[14:41] Constanza Amsterdam: or you can ask me for it :P
[14:41] Constanza Amsterdam: this is handy for example for offline/online boards etc
[14:42] Vianess Shadow: cool
[14:42] Constanza Amsterdam: Any questions about that?
[14:42] Constanza Amsterdam: i love you all :P
[14:42] Constanza Amsterdam: next:
[14:42] Vianess Shadow: :-)
[14:43] Constanza Amsterdam: Darieth has written the directory aka destination guide
[14:43] Constanza Amsterdam: it works as follows:
[14:43] Lunar Deities: wait wait wait
[14:43] Lunar Deities: ?
[14:43] Constanza Amsterdam: you get a free directory prim at the freebie section on TAG Welcome Center and place it at all your clubs, stores, landingpoints whatever
[14:44] Lunar Deities: so this script will let people know we are online even if we dont want them to know?
[14:44] Constanza Amsterdam: No Lunar
[14:44] Lunar Deities: phew
[14:45] Constanza Amsterdam: click the prim Lunar
[14:45] Primitive: ... c6b69c47aa
[14:45] Constanza Amsterdam: thats all the profile image script does
[14:46] Primitive: ... f9b3dfb2c1
[14:46] Primitive: ... f9b3dfb2c1
[14:46] Primitive: ... f9b3dfb2c1
[14:46] Constanza Amsterdam: creators of online/offline board like we have on TAG welcome for the mentors, can use this
[14:46] Vianess Shadow: lol
[14:46] Vianess Shadow: i don't have one filled out
[14:46] Vianess Shadow: so nothing came
[14:46] Constanza Amsterdam: correct Vianess
[14:46] Constanza Amsterdam: ㋡
[14:47] Constanza Amsterdam: ok back to the destinationguide ㋡
[14:47] Constanza Amsterdam: Darieth has written the directory aka destination guide
[14:47] Constanza Amsterdam: it works as follows:
[14:48] Constanza Amsterdam: you get a free directory prim at the freebie section on TAG Welcome Center and place it at all your clubs, stores, landingpoints whatever
[14:48] Constanza Amsterdam: after you have done this, your places will be registered on the direcotrypage on the website and also in the teleport hud
[14:48] Constanza Amsterdam: so its very important that you place them everywhere so people can find your store, clubs, bars, whatevers
[14:49] Constanza Amsterdam: for stores: only mainstores.
[14:49] Constanza Amsterdam: the page is still worked on by Dar.... it will have the same categories as the hud aswell
[14:49] Constanza Amsterdam:
[14:50] Constanza Amsterdam: i know the prim is 4 prims.... *looks at primnazi Nubian*
[14:50] Antoinnette Keng: lol
[14:50] Constanza Amsterdam: but Kiko is making 1 of 1 prim, so in the meanwhile please rez them out
[14:51] Nubian Keng: Lol
[14:51] Constanza Amsterdam: if you dont use the prim, you wont get listed
[14:51] Constanza Amsterdam: simple
[14:51] Constanza Amsterdam: in a few weeks it will also be linked to inworld search (the first tab websearch)
[14:52] Constanza Amsterdam: and its all FREE
[14:52] Dallas Scott: I hafta go to work.. I will get caught up by Vianess. Nice meeting everyone.
[14:52] Constanza Amsterdam: so no listing fees
[14:52] Vianess Shadow: Awesome ty
[14:52] Constanza Amsterdam: Have a good working day Dallas
[14:52] Koren Darkfire: tc dallas
[14:52] Vianess Shadow: taking some notes
[14:52] Nubian Keng: tc
[14:52] Lunar Deities: tc nice to meet you
[14:53] Constanza Amsterdam: does anyone have any question about that?
[14:53] Kiko Kenichi: I do
[14:53] Kiko Kenichi: lol
[14:53] Constanza Amsterdam: ask away Kiko
[14:53] amoriah angelique: be well
[14:54] Kiko Kenichi: can I get one to put on Evermore which I can actually move?
[14:54] Kiko Kenichi: lol
[14:54] Constanza Amsterdam: LOL sure
[14:54] Constanza Amsterdam: ill give you move rights
[14:54] Constanza Amsterdam: lol
[14:54] Lunar Deities: can they be colored, i hate purple
[14:54] Lunar Deities: rofl
[14:54] Kiko Kenichi: it looks like someone misplaced their Oscar right now
[14:54] Constanza Amsterdam: the purple is our tag purple
[14:55] Constanza Amsterdam: so no, thats the colour and it cant be changed
[14:55] Lunar Deities: yep this is i know, but i still hate purple
[14:55] Lunar Deities: ok hides it behind a bush
[14:55] Constanza Amsterdam: lol
[14:55] Vianess Shadow: i like purple lol
[14:55] Constanza Amsterdam: the prims can actually be clicked as well and be used as random tp system
[14:56] Constanza Amsterdam: so if you have nothing to do, hop around the world using the directory prim
[14:56] Constanza Amsterdam: its fun!
[14:56] Kiko Kenichi: random TP is fine in TAG... I wouldn't do that for love or money in SL though lol
[14:56] Constanza Amsterdam: lol Kiko
[14:56] Lunar Deities: i use the map to random tp
[14:56] Kiko Kenichi: anyway
[14:56] Constanza Amsterdam: anymore questions?
[14:56] Constanza Amsterdam: Nubian maybe?
[14:57] Kiko Kenichi: I just wanna try to work a modernistic purple doohickey into my pre-medieval fantasy theme is all lol
[14:57] Antoinnette Keng: did we lose him? lol
[14:57] Nubian Keng: not as of yet
[14:57] Nubian Keng: your good
[14:57] Lunar Deities: she said doohickey
[14:57] Lunar Deities: bahahaha
[14:57] Constanza Amsterdam: cool... so i can expect a massive amount of prims from your Nubian? LOL
[14:58] Kiko Kenichi: doohickey... thingamajig... whatchamacallit... you know lol
[14:58] Nubian Keng: lol
[14:58] Lunar Deities: hehehehe
[14:58] Kiko Kenichi: or my personal favorite: whoseamawhatsit
[14:58] Nubian Keng: ive solved that issue with the oscar holding the globe
[14:58] Nubian Keng: so no worries
[14:59] Constanza Amsterdam: it also shows the outside world we got plenty of stuff to visit you know ;-)
[14:59] Lunar Deities: hey on the plus side we all look like we won an oscar
[14:59] Nubian Keng: lol
[14:59] Constanza Amsterdam: well the idea behind it was this Lunar: its an avatar holding the world... aka our community designs this world for everyone to see
[15:00] Lunar Deities: awwwww ok, i didnt look at it that hard, i just put it out and followed directions, i was just messin with ya
[15:01] Constanza Amsterdam: i know ㋡
[15:01] Nubian Keng: lol
[15:01] Lunar Deities: im shocked that its not pink
[15:01] Constanza Amsterdam: well Kiko would slap me
[15:01] amoriah angelique: lol
[15:01] Constanza Amsterdam: lol
[15:01] Lunar Deities: my fav color is pinnk and she doesnt slap me
[15:01] Constanza Amsterdam: and Dar didnt want pink either, so i settled with the tag purple
[15:02] Kiko Kenichi: pikanje van antje!
[15:02] Lunar Deities: slaps dar
[15:02] Constanza Amsterdam: LOL Kiko
[15:02] Constanza Amsterdam: ok next
[15:02] Constanza Amsterdam: Halloween
[15:02] Constanza Amsterdam: Kiko is building a new Halloween sim together with Lunar
[15:02] Kiko Kenichi: dangit I spelled that wrong
[15:02] Constanza Amsterdam: the ladies have been working hard
[15:02] Vianess Shadow: cool
[15:02] Kiko Kenichi: pikantje
[15:03] Kiko Kenichi: anyway lol
[15:03] Constanza Amsterdam: and when its finished i want to put out a halloween hunt
[15:03] Constanza Amsterdam: so
[15:03] Constanza Amsterdam: we need our merchants to get involved and donate hunt items
[15:03] Constanza Amsterdam: ofcourse with a landmark to your store
[15:03] Lunar Deities: is this going to be on the halloween region?
[15:04] Constanza Amsterdam: I need those hunt items before sept 30th
[15:04] Constanza Amsterdam: the hunt? yes
[15:04] Kiko Kenichi: speaking of Halloween... can you restart that region?
[15:04] Constanza Amsterdam: restart is on its way
[15:04] Kiko Kenichi: thankies
[15:04] Constanza Amsterdam: So please spread the word about it so people actually have something to hunt for
[15:05] Kiko Kenichi: having some weirdness ... maybe 'cause of so much new work
[15:05] Vianess Shadow: k
[15:05] Lunar Deities: we gonna have to lock everything down on there because of the tall grass and such may get in the way
[15:05] Koren Darkfire: will pop a bug in Boo's ear
[15:05] Constanza Amsterdam: dont worry Lunar
[15:05] Constanza Amsterdam: <---expert at hiding stuff
[15:05] Constanza Amsterdam: i can never find anything
[15:06] Constanza Amsterdam: LOL
[15:06] Lunar Deities: is going to video tape the day she puts them out, because i got some hiding collision triggered items rofl
[15:06] Lunar Deities: hiden*
[15:06] Constanza Amsterdam: lol
[15:06] Lunar Deities: ffs i cant spell anymore
[15:07] Constanza Amsterdam: ok next.... and really important new news
[15:07] Constanza Amsterdam: the upcoming week Darieth will be moving the slaptme website to the TAG servers
[15:07] Constanza Amsterdam: so we will try to have as minimum outage as possible
[15:08] Constanza Amsterdam: and we will be giving out new slaptboxes and set out new terminals
[15:08] Constanza Amsterdam: and yes also on Keng City Nettie
[15:08] Antoinnette Keng: lol yeah!!
[15:08] Constanza Amsterdam: After this is done, i will be working on making it look more uniform to TAG
[15:09] Constanza Amsterdam: so same PURPLE colours etc
[15:09] Constanza Amsterdam: just for Lunar ㋡
[15:09] Lunar Deities: has barf bag ready, rofl
[15:09] Constanza Amsterdam: and Darieth will then be able to ingerate it with the new registration system
[15:09] Nubian Keng: LOL
[15:10] Constanza Amsterdam: the new registrationsystem will give everyone 1 login for: wiki, forum, slaptme, mantis, inworld and tag website
[15:10] Constanza Amsterdam: it will also give people a choice of avatar upon first login
[15:11] Lunar Deities: sweet
[15:11] Constanza Amsterdam: we have furry avi's, humans... and we still need more ofcourse for a width choice
[15:11] Constanza Amsterdam: Dar has been working on this new registrationsystem the past few months and we are in the last fase of it
[15:11] Constanza Amsterdam: So hopefully soon it will be live!
[15:12] Lunar Deities: poor dar never comes out to play anymore
[15:12] Lunar Deities: i miss putting afk boxes on him and dressing him up
[15:12] Constanza Amsterdam: anyone have questions about this?
[15:12] amoriah angelique: <<<--- not at this time
[15:13] Koren Darkfire: not right now
[15:13] Constanza Amsterdam: Then some house news. as of this week... Dar has the weekend off
[15:13] Constanza Amsterdam: So he has time to play if he wants or poke his nose
[15:13] Lunar Deities: very nice
[15:13] Constanza Amsterdam: he will however be around when we crash the grid
[15:13] Constanza Amsterdam: or when new regions have been ordered
[15:13] Constanza Amsterdam: but thats it
[15:14] Constanza Amsterdam: So tickets wont be answered in the weekend anymore
[15:14] Constanza Amsterdam: but i am here
[15:15] Constanza Amsterdam: right this was our TAG news
[15:15] Vianess Shadow: cool
[15:15] Vianess Shadow: ty
[15:15] Constanza Amsterdam: does anyone have questions in regard to what has been said or something else they really wanne know?
[15:16] amoriah angelique: <<---- not at this time
[15:16] Koren Darkfire: nope
[15:16] Kiko Kenichi: as long as we have a few folks here...
[15:16] Vianess Shadow: not atm
[15:16] Vianess Shadow: but took some notes
[15:16] Kiko Kenichi: I'd like to get some thoughts on something lol
[15:16] Constanza Amsterdam: ill copy this and put it on the forums aswell
[15:17] Constanza Amsterdam: ok Kiko
[15:17] Constanza Amsterdam: go for it
[15:17] Kiko Kenichi: mind you this is a maybe in the future kind of thing :)
[15:17] Kiko Kenichi: some of you are old SL vets I know
[15:17] Kiko Kenichi: and may remember a place called Greenies Home
[15:18] Kiko Kenichi: anyone?
[15:18] Kiko Kenichi: lol
[15:18] amoriah angelique: one sec reading
[15:18] amoriah angelique: hugs
[15:18] Koren Darkfire shakes his head
[15:18] Constanza Amsterdam chuckles... havent hear that name in ages
[15:18] Vianess Shadow: yep
[15:18] Vianess Shadow: i remember it
[15:18] Antoinnette Keng: nope sorry
[15:18] amoriah angelique: no sorry
[15:18] Vianess Shadow: i remember exploring in a giant house
[15:18] Kiko Kenichi: essentially it was a house which was built at a size which made an avatar seem to be about 3 inches tall lol
[15:18] amoriah angelique: I been taking notes :)
[15:19] Vianess Shadow: and toys on the floor and stuff
[15:19] Grid: amoriah angelique gave you T.A.G - Grid Meeting 9-18-2016.
[15:19] Constanza Amsterdam: ty Amoriah
[15:19] Kiko Kenichi: I've been considering that as a concept for a public region sometime in the future
[15:19] Lunar Deities: i dont remember that
[15:19] Vianess Shadow: that would be fun
[15:20] Lunar Deities: oh interesting, will it make giants like levamp seem little rofl
[15:20] Kiko Kenichi: yes lol
[15:20] Kiko Kenichi: and since we have var regions
[15:20] Kiko Kenichi: we could include some of the yard
[15:20] Nubian Keng: ok people i have to log
[15:20] Constanza Amsterdam: oh yes Lunar
[15:20] Lunar Deities: laters Nubian
[15:20] Kiko Kenichi: think of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" lol
[15:20] Nubian Keng: thank you Conzi for inviting me
[15:20] Kiko Kenichi: take care Nubian
[15:20] Nubian Keng: later Lun
[15:20] Constanza Amsterdam: Thanks for coming Nubian
[15:21] Constanza Amsterdam: and get those prims around Keng City!
[15:21] Nubian Keng: your welcome
[15:21] Nubian Keng: lol
[15:21] amoriah angelique: huggies ttyl nubian
[15:21] Kiko Kenichi: byeeeee :)
[15:21] Nubian Keng: amoriah hugs
[15:21] Nubian Keng: bye everyone
[15:21] Koren Darkfire: tc
[15:21] Vianess Shadow: bye
[15:21] Vianess Shadow: take care
[15:21] Constanza Amsterdam: That will be really fun Kiko
[15:22] Kiko Kenichi: I really just wanted to get an initial reaction to the concept heehee
[15:22] Kiko Kenichi: it's a maybe thing... far off in the future lol
[15:22] Vianess Shadow: it was a fun place for everyone to explore
[15:22] Vianess Shadow: all the toys on the floor you could play with
[15:22] Constanza Amsterdam: it was for sure Vianess
[15:22] amoriah angelique: I think a honey I shrunk the kids kind or region might be fun
[15:22] Vianess Shadow: you could climb on the counter like the size of a mouse
[15:23] Constanza Amsterdam: we still need a cornfield tho
[15:23] Vianess Shadow: and investigate stuff
[15:23] Constanza Amsterdam: LOL
[15:23] Kiko Kenichi: lmao
[15:23] Vianess Shadow: the cubards
[15:23] Kiko Kenichi: there was a giant rat under the refrigerator y'know lol
[15:23] Kiko Kenichi: that thing was creepy lol
[15:23] amoriah angelique: ewww
[15:23] amoriah angelique: rats
[15:23] amoriah angelique: giggles
[15:24] Kiko Kenichi: anyway I like to see what folks have a real interest in
[15:24] Lunar Deities: man i dont remember that at all, but my sl days are a bit foggy
[15:24] amoriah angelique: I like the fog
[15:24] Kiko Kenichi: it's prims lol
[15:24] Koren Darkfire: well I gotta pop off for a bit. catch yall later!
[15:24] Kiko Kenichi: see ya Koren!
[15:24] Constanza Amsterdam: Koren?
[15:24] amoriah angelique: have a wonderful night Koren
[15:24] amoriah angelique: huggies
[15:25] Constanza Amsterdam: darn to late
[15:25] Antoinnette Keng: I have a quetion
[15:25] Constanza Amsterdam: shoot me Nettie
[15:26] Antoinnette Keng: why is the mist rolling in on us lol
[15:26] Kiko Kenichi: rofl
[15:26] Constanza Amsterdam: lol
[15:26] Penis shooter popgun whispers: Use Mouselook (press 'M') to shoot me.
[15:26] Penis shooter popgun whispers: Choose 'Detach' from my menu to take me off.
[15:26] amoriah angelique: hahahaha
[15:26] amoriah angelique: that is fun
[15:26] Constanza Amsterdam: i like that fog Kiko
[15:26] Kiko Kenichi: 'cause Kiko is being silly
[15:26] Lunar Deities: doesnt want to talk about fog
[15:27] Constanza Amsterdam: flying willy's!
[15:27] Antoinnette Keng: lol
[15:27] Lunar Deities: conzi said shoot me, so im shooting her
[15:27] Constanza Amsterdam: hahaha Lunar
[15:27] amoriah angelique: uh oh , lol
[15:27] Kiko Kenichi: so tell me
[15:27] amoriah angelique: they seem to not be going far
[15:28] Kiko Kenichi: why is the plural of cactus "cacti" and fungus is "fungi"... but penis is not "peni"? lol
[15:28] Constanza Amsterdam: lol
[15:28] Lunar Deities: rofl
[15:28] Lunar Deities: i have another gun lost in my inventory
[15:28] amoriah angelique: lol
[15:28] Constanza Amsterdam: i guess the meeting is done
[15:28] Antoinnette Keng: cause it would make it sound smaller lol
[15:28] amoriah angelique: awe
[15:28] Kiko Kenichi: oh come on that was important TAG business lol

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