Why The Adult Grid stopped showing figures

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Why The Adult Grid stopped showing figures

Postby Constanza Amsterdam » Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:38 am

As some of you may be aware, there has been a somewhat heated discussion on Hypergrid Business as to why Inworldz and us have stopped giving our Grid figures to HGB. I can only speak for TAG and I wanted to lay the facts as they are for us out on the table, as you know that we are very transparent grid in our operations.

The first point I would like to officially clear up is Active users. As we are not Hypergrid enabled, Hypergrid users are not an important metric for us. Therefore on HGB Active users are counted on a grid if they hopped there from another grid, thus for these grids they will always seem more active than the closed grids, as we don’t get random folks popping in from the other grids and pushing the active user count up, while we rely on only our members for our active user count so that puts us at a disadvantage to the hypergrid enabled grids.

The second point I wish to clear up is amount of regions. We have at the time of posting this, 91 regions. A region to us is counted as one paying sim, as in SL. We do not for instance count in sq meters or kms or any other form of measurement, a region is a region wether it is a standard region or a VAR. The way HGB counts regions is somewhat baffling but it works for them, but not for us, for instance TAG was made out by this method to have 428 regions, so you can see that it is not correct for us as a grid and we do not want to give the impression we are far larger than what we are.

If you wish to know how TAG is going, please do not hesitate to talk to us as we value you, our Taggers. I am happy to report that TAG is solvent and can meet all of its financial obligations including cash outs etc. and is growing on a daily basis and we hope that you continue with us as we grow. I also just want to clear up one last point and that is that I have never worked for Inworldz, I just did the Stats as a private person as I enjoy doing it.

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