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The Forum Guidelines

Postby Administrator » Mon Nov 02, 2015 10:52 pm

Welcome to the SlaptMe Forums! These forums are here for you, to discuss your ideas, questions, and projects and to share what you’ve learnt in The Adult Grid.

The purpose of the SlaptMe Forums is to promote discussion and encourage help with The Adult Grid as well as other Real life topics and issues. We believe in an totally honest and open free exchange of ideas, and in always maintaining a healthy respect for the opinions and positions of other people, even if they differ from your own. You are ALL ADULTS and we do not want to have to wipe your noses, we are not your parents and like to think you will exercise common sense at all times, even if tempers flare or get frayed at times, just take a deep breath and read and re-read before you post the reply.

We would like to think that you will treat these forums as your own and always hold respect for others foremost, as we do not want to be constantly moderating playground behavior. So with that in mind we will lay the ground rules out for all the sections. The one thing we do ask is that you respect the forum categories and post discussions related only to the Category so that they stay relevant to the topics of that section. We do allow posts for TAG ADULT Services, Events, Blogs etc. as long as they are as always posted in the relevant section.

The Forum Guidelines

By commenting on this site, either in the blog or forums, you agree to our SlaptMe Terms of Use. Remember, you do not have unlimited free speech rights when posting comments on this site, but stick to these few guidelines and we will not censor your views. Remember SlaptMe will always have the last word, but we hope not to have to exercise that right nor censor your views like other sites do, if we have to we WILL give you the reason as we do not believe in silent moderation in any forum. We will never delete posts unless they contain RL disclosure, offending posts will be locked only and we will notify the poster and the forum as to why we took that action. Remember, whatever you say will stay there forever for others to see for all time.

You are expected to abide by these simple principles:

* be courteous and respectful: in your comments treat everyone as you would want to be treated
* add value: say something new that others would want to read
* give accurate information in the spirit of being helpful
* if you disagree with me or another commentator, disagree respectfully
* admit the possibility of fault and respect different points of views
* if you screw up, take responsibility for your actions

Unacceptable comments that will get a post/thread locked include but are not be limited to:

* a pattern of commenting that harasses, stalks, or threatens others
* libelous or knowingly false comments
* comments that infringe upon any copyright, trademark or trade secret of any third party (in other words, LINK to articles, don't copy them here)
* violating an obligation of confidentiality or the privacy of others (except where disclosure can benefit others as in warning of scammers in The Adult Grid by name) However you are responsible for posting the details so be sure of the facts before you post.
* comments contesting earlier moderation decisions

We hope however that you will all use common sense and enjoy the forums and helping others with interesting and enjoyable conversation on a wide range of subjects.

The Classifieds Rules

* Every brand owner has ONE thread they may post.
* A merchant may bump their own topic with NEW releases ONLY.
* Responses are NOT to be posted to a brand's advert.
* You may NOT post your advert as an announcement or as sticky.
* Posts not following these rules will be deleted.

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